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Ken Atchity

Thanks for including my oldy-moldy A Writer's Time on your list.Love to post your list on my blog.

Christine Cook

Please do! I'd be honored.

It really is a great book. I am a book carnivore (I don't exactly eat my books, but ones I particularly love get dog-eared and marked up and and underlined and highlighted). My copy of your book is rainbow-colored...My favorite part was where you explained creativity and time. I love the idea that we need to build in vacation time from our book so that the ideas can percolate.

Your ideas for query letters are also great. Thank for writing this book.

Nadine Saubers

Hi- I'm Ken's blog maintenance person and I'll be updating his blog with your 10 fav books post sometime in Feb. Thanks. http://kenatchity.blogspot.com/

Christine Cook

Thanks. I tried his vox.com blog and there was nothing public on it. Thanks for adding his blogspot address. I'll add it to my links.

Nadine Saubers

Great thanks Christine. We've added your post, you can see it here:

Christine Cook

Thanks so much. I've been reading Ken's blog with interest over the last week or so. Can't wait to get some of his newer books.


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